Forest Schools

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Birmingham Forest OAKS is a voluntary organisation (originally formed in 2004 as the Birmingham FEI) which gathers together groups and individuals involved in Outdoor Learning in Birmingham. The group seeks to promote the educational use of woodlands and Forest School nationally.

The Birmingham Forest OAKS Group's main aim is "to extend and enhance opportunities for children to develop their social, emotional and life skills, and grow in self confidence through the establishment of Forest School Programmes". The group's ambition is for every child in the City to have an entitlement to participate in Forest School.

We also aim to support our Birmingham Members where ever possible. As part of this vision, we intend to provide a range of training to support outdoor practitioners and educators in our area. Where ever possible we will attempt to subsidise this training in order to make it affordable.  If you would like to become a member and be informed about training opportunities, please contact us.

Next Skill Share:
National Tree Week
Sunday 23rd November 10am – 1pm
Kings Heath Park House Vicarage Road Kings Heath B14 7TQ
Free please book!

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